Texas 211 now available to assist with COVID-19 Information

You may know that 211 as the number to call when you need assistance of some kind. They have instituted a special line for COVID-19.




211 Texas activated a COVID-19 option within the 211 platform. 211 specialists across the state are available 24/7 to answer the most frequently asked, non medical, questions based on material provided by DSHS and CDC.  Questions 211 specialists can’t answer will be referred to DSHS and local Public Health Department COVID-19 info lines.  From 8am Saturday up to noon in Sunday, 211 responded to 648 COVID-19 calls with a wait time of 49 seconds. We responded to 965 non COVID-19 calls with a wait time of 2 minutes and 53 seconds as COVID-19 calls are given priority. As calls increase, the state will create an IVR within 211 that people can access if they don’t want to wait to speak with someone. 211’s across the country that activated IVR’s noticed 75% of callers chose the IVR option, which has freed up staff to respond to general calls.  In addition, we are updating our existing resources that have identified changes in how they are serving clients during this time and adding new information as we receive it.

SEARCHING TIPS:  When searching for specific COVID-19 information, type COVID-19 in the Find Help box and a list of resources will appear under Programs.  For all other services you will search by specific need or use the guided search

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