The Navarro County Office of Emergency Management (NCOEM) is a unique agency that serves Navarro County and most all of the incorporated jurisdictions in Navarro County. Under Federal and State regulations, the Directors of the Emergency Management Program are our chief elected officials: our County Judge and our Mayors throughout the county. Your Emergency Management Coordinator oversees the daily operations of the emergency management program. You might have guessed that the OEM works closely with the Fire Department, Police Department, Sheriff’s Office and other city and county agencies. But the OEM’s network goes far beyond that. The OEM partners with many other agencies such as the CERT, American Red Cross, Navarro County Volunteer Fire Departments, the Amateur Radio Club, the Salvation Army, the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), the National Weather Service, local aviation groups, local volunteer groups, our local hospital and clinic, and Independent School Districts to make our community as disaster resistant as we can be. The Office of Emergency Management focuses on several key areas to help our city and county be prepared for any disaster.

A representative from the OEM is available to speak on a variety of emergency management topics to any business or civic group within Navarro County area. Call us at 903-875-3315 or email us at for more information.

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